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Dear Staff,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful King size Cotton Underlay that you sent me. I am 42 years old and had been suffering with poor circulation, waking up with dead legs and an aching back. I am very fit and exercise on a regular basis but I was having trouble sleeping with the pain, and the quality of sleep was poor. After one night with the magnetic underlay the pain really did vanish. This has not been psychological, I could actually feel the circulation improve, the pain has completely gone, leaving a deeper more relaxed sleep. I really would encourage anyone to buy this product it does work, and I feel it is the amount and quality of the magnets that contribute to a fantastic product that I only wish I had brought earlier.
Thanks again,
Barbara Murdock


I purchased the Magnetic Knee Support and have been able to walk on through the markets Pain Free. As I have osteoarthritis and have been told I have to have a knee replacement, I am delighted with the results!
Thank You!
Jacki Craven


I bought a magnetic woollen under blanket for my Mum for Christmas as she suffers from dreadful arthritic pain. I wanted to let you know that she absolutely loves it and is feeling so much better for it. Mum says that she feels less aches and pains throughout the day and sleeps like a baby! I also wanted to say thank you for your prompt service and delivery and the bracelet (yes, she loves that too!)
Best wishes,
Meg Harding


Have used the magnetic underlay plus bracelet for approx 1 month, found both unbelievable good for the pain. The bracelet started to work within 15 mins, now can't go without it!
Helen Kraiese


The back support has helped my wife with her sore back; whenever it plays up she wears it & finds it to be of great benefit.

I have used the knee support everyday & it has reduced the stiffness & pain in my knee, I can now go for walks again. My neck also feels better after wearing the neck support during the night.

Thank you for your help, I do recommend these products
Max Woods


Two months ago I purchased your Magnetic Cotton Underlay and I now can get out of bed without the usual stiffness in my body. I am 64 years of age and work actively on our cattle property. It has enabled me to start this day more positively. I recommend the product without hesitation.
Peter St Henry
Glen Eva

I did want you to know that I very much appreciated your kind gesture, and your offering of quality service. My Partner and I have very much enjoyed the quilts (Magnetic Underlays) we purchased and when I travel longer distances I place the cotton pillow pad behind my back. I am not so stiff when we stop.
Thank you once more,
Kind Regards,
Debbie Gaehe


As a Hairdresser for years I have suffered arthritis in my fingers and a sore wrist. Since wearing the ring my fingers have not had the pain and have reduced in size.
Thank you,
Helen Holt


Prior to having my magnetic bracelet in the mornings I would wake up with aching hands. I put on a magnetic bracelet ... the ache disappeared and in the mornings I have no more aches.
Richard Singer

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